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These murals are done by Marsha Stonehouse with the support of the Ontario Arts Council and The Toronto District School Board. They are usually designed by the artist and carried out with the help of students in both elementary and high school. These programs provide students with the opportunity to work with a professional artist, learn painting and drawing skills and work collaboratively with each other. They are mounted permanently in the schools providing an ongoing indication of the creative spirit and talent found among students.

Murals can also be arranged for organizations and communities as creative, team-building experiences for groups of adults or a mix of adults and children.

Havergal College "Van Gogh Mural", 9'x 12'
Havergal College "Van Gogh Mural", 9'x 12'
  • Havergal College "Van Gogh Mural", 9'x 12'
  • Eastern Commerce High School "75th Anniversary mural", 16'x 4'
  • Bruce Street Public School "Leslie Street Spit", 16'x8'
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Public School "Sacred Garden", 16'x 8'
  • Parkdale Public School "Boreal Forest Mural", 15'x5' co-sponsored by the Ontario Forest Industries Association
  • St. Catherine of Sienna Elementary School "Rainforest Mural", 33'x13'
  • Roywood Public School "Celebrating Multiculturalism", 20'x 8'
  • Humberwood Downs Public School "Literacy", 20'x 8'
  • Brentwood Public School "Multiculturalism", 12'x 8'
  • Balmy Beach Public School "Glen Stewart Ravine", 12'x 8'
  • "Boreal Forest Mural", 15'x8'
  • Rosemount Public School "Literacy Mural" 12'x8'